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Home » 7 Ways Legal Professionals Support Asbestos Victims and Their Families

7 Ways Legal Professionals Support Asbestos Victims and Their Families

7 Ways Legal Professionals Support Asbestos Victims and Their Families

Asbestos is a mineral used in construction and products in the past. Breathing in its fibers can cause severe health problems like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Even today, people are getting sick from past exposure.

Many victims and families have filed lawsuits against the companies responsible. Lawyers are crucial in helping them through the legal process.

Over 1.3 million Americans are exposed to asbestos at work or home. These diseases don’t show up for many years, and they bring a lot of suffering. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, chest pain, and fatigue. Sadly, these illnesses are often deadly.

Getting an asbestos disease diagnosis is heartbreaking, and it also brings hefty medical bills and lost income. This is where lawyers step in to hold the asbestos companies accountable and get compensation for victims and their families. An experienced asbestos attorney can be a big help.

Here are seven ways these lawyers assist asbestos victims and their families in seeking justice:

Investigating Exposure History

For those unsure as to where to start, resources like www.mesotheliomahope.comprovide invaluable insights into the intricacies of asbestos exposure and its aftermath. Armed with this foundational knowledge, asbestos attorneys conduct comprehensive investigations into a victim’s occupational and environmental exposure history. This is the first step in building a strong legal case against negligent companies. Lawyers will interview clients in depth to determine all the possible sources of asbestos exposure over their lifetime.

  • Where did exposure occur? Attorneys will gather extensive records like work histories, social security documents, military files, and union membership information to create a timeline of all the job sites and employers where the exposure happened. They will also track down former coworkers to get statements detailing which asbestos-containing products were used. This can involve researching old invoices, building records, and product literature as well.
  • When did exposure occur? The exact duration of asbestos exposure is documented as exactly as possible. This evidence is key to matching exposure to later diagnosis years down the road. Lawyers may also consult scientific experts to estimate exposure levels based on work duties and safety protocols at the time.

Piecing together the where and when lays the groundwork for proving legal liability. Asbestos companies can be held accountable decades later, thanks to thorough investigation by attorneys. This takes a heavy burden off victims who are often struggling with health issues.

Identifying Liable Parties

Lawyers dig into where the asbestos materials came from and how they arrived at the job site or facility. Product manufacturers, distributors, transporters, contractors, and premise owners can all share responsibility. Experienced lawyers know which questions to ask and documents to subpoena to leave no stone unturned in building the liability picture.

Holding all responsible parties accountable is crucial for victims. Companies often try to shift blame or hide behind bankruptcies. But lawyers make sure the full list of liable parties is named in the lawsuit. This prevents those truly at fault from evading their responsibility. Victims can feel confident the right companies are being pursued.

Navigating Complex Laws

Every state has its own statutes of limitations and liability laws pertaining to asbestos injury cases. This complex legal landscape would overwhelm any victim trying to file suit on their own. But, experienced asbestos attorneys handle these nuances seamlessly.

Lawyers determine the most strategic jurisdictions to file claims, based on the specifics of each case. This is vital to securing maximum compensation, as awards can vary widely between state courts. Attorneys also take care of navigating different filing deadlines and statutes of limitations, which can be as short as 1-3 years. Missing deadlines could completely bar victims from getting justice.

Letting knowledgeable lawyers handle these complexities allows victims to focus fully on their health and family without legal worries. Attorney expertise delivers the best possible outcome.

Managing Paperwork Burden

The sheer amount of paperwork required for an asbestos injury lawsuit is overwhelming – affidavits, discovery filings, motions, orders, etc. Handling this administrative burden while coping with an asbestos disease would be impossible for victims.

Asbestos lawyers take on the entire paperwork process from start to finish. This includes collecting medical records, insurance information, and financial documents from clients as needed to build a strong case. Throughout the litigation, attorneys handle all filings and keep clients updated on a timeline and expectations.

Removing this time-consuming paperwork burden is an invaluable support. Victims can devote their limited energy to medical care and family without added stress. Lawyers make the legal process as smooth as possible during an already difficult time.

Coordinating Medical Care

Lawyers work hand-in-hand with each client’s medical team to fully understand their prognosis, treatment options, and long-term needs. Quantifying current and future medical costs is important for seeking fair compensation through a lawsuit.

Attorneys help victims get appointments with the most experienced asbestos disease specialists to provide the best care. They assist in evaluating different treatment protocols and clinical trials as well. Ongoing communication with doctors keeps lawyers informed on disease progression, quality of life impacts, and life expectancy – all key factors in valuing a case.

Coordinating optimal medical care while assessing related costs ensures victims get the maximum settlement amount to cover all their expenses now and in the future. Attorney support eases the process.

Valuing Economic Damages

The economic toll of an asbestos disease can be immense, with lost income, medical costs, and lifelong care needs. Asbestos lawyers work with experts to fully quantify past and future economic damages for fair compensation.

Documenting lost wages starts with assembling a victim’s full employment history and earnings records. Experts project how income and benefits would have increased over time if not for the asbestos illness. The substantial loss of earning capacity is calculated using actuarial tables and other data.

Future medical expenses are also projected. Lawyers obtain life care plans detailing necessary medications, equipment, in-home care, and other costs. Vocational assessments are another tool for conveying economic loss. They evaluate how asbestos diseases specifically limit one’s ability to work and function. Calculating all these damages provides the evidence needed to recover fair settlements.

Negotiating Settlements

The vast majority of asbestos injury lawsuits settle out of court. Skilled asbestos attorneys are shrewd negotiators who leverage the merits of each case to secure the maximum possible settlement for their clients.

Lawyers approach negotiations firmly grounded in the evidence and potential jury award value of the case. This gives them negotiating power that victims lack on their own. Attorneys make reasoned arguments, backing up every dollar sought. They work down cautiously from initial demands, compromising strategically to reach an optimal deal.

Even when companies lowball offers, lawyers don’t cave easily, knowing the leverage they have. In the end, attorney expertise consistently yields far higher settlement values compared to victims negotiating alone. Their specialized knowledge delivers results.


For asbestos victims, dealing with legal, medical, and financial problems can be incredibly tough. But asbestos attorneys make things clearer, give hope, and get results. They work tirelessly to bring justice and much-needed support to these families. With the help of skilled lawyers, asbestos victims can find the courage to move ahead and cherish life’s important moments, even in the face of their illness.