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Arthur Blank House

Arthur blank is a very big personality in terms of business. He is the best businessman in America. He was the sole owner of Home Depot. It is a home improvement company. He is also the owner of the huge company Arthur Blank Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. Arthur Blank was born on September 27, 1947, in Flushing, New York. His full name is Arthur M. Blank. He belongs to a Jewish family religiously. Arthur has a large family with six children. Arthur Blank will talk about Blank’s House next.

1; Said to be Arthur Blank’s residence
Arthur Blank lives in a wonderful place. Arthur Blank lives in one of Atlanta’s finest homes. It is one of the largest cities in Georgia and is also the capital of Georgia. This city also holds the position due to having more population than other cities. It is a place of historical importance due to its museums.

The house has more than 1600 square meters of space and features 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Some bathrooms will be small and some will be full bathrooms. They live in a very beautiful estate. A beautiful park has also been built in this house and gardens have also been built for beauty.

This home is home to a beautiful family and this house was built in 2008 by Arthur. These properties are available in lot sizes from 500 acres. This house has a lot of beauty in this house, and the lounge and guest rooms are also beautifully designed. The architectural style is traditional.

Fireplaces are also built in this house. This house has 22 doors which are the dens of beauty. This building has been well done and a dining room for a family has also been created. It is like an estate family and has a beautifully designed swimming pool. This house has a distinct grandeur and was built in an exquisite manner. If you look at Arthur Blank House, your heart would skip a beat.
Bedrooms:                         9
Washrooms:                      14
Square:                               15,222 feet
Price:                                   $10.07 Million
Arthur’s net worth is:      50 million
Arthur Blank Address: W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327