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Best Veterinary Doctor In The World


Many people are famous for their occupations. Here, I am going to explain A complete biography of James Herriot, the best doctor of pet animals worldwide. His real name is James Alfred Wight, but he was known as James Herriot. James Herriot became famous for writing many books on pet animals. James Herriot was the Best Veterinary Doctor In The World. After reading this article, you will be able to know A complete biography of James Herriot. 

Who is James Herriot? 

James Herriot was born in Sunderland on 3 October 1916. He was educated at Glasgow veterinary college. After education at Glasgow College, he started veterinary practice in January 1940. In 1941 he married Catherine Anderson Danbury. He was also a good writer about pets and wrote many books on pets from 1930 to 1950. He also wrote a series known as All Creatures Great and Small you can find this TV series on Youtube. The government of England (United Kingdom) gave him the award of Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Here I will show some books by James Herriot, which he wrote during his veterinary practice. 

James Herriot books with a publishing date 

  1. All creatures great and Small (published in 1970) 
  2. If only they could talk (Published in 1970)
  3. The Lord god made them all (Published in 1981)
  4. Vet in a Spin (Published in 1977)
  5. Vet in harness (Published in 1974)
  6. Vets might fly (Published in 1977)
  7. Let sleeping vets life (Published in 2006)
  8. It shouldn’t happen to a vet (Published in 1972)
  9. Every living thing (Published in 1992)
  10. Beato fra le bestie (Published in 1973)
  11. Only one woof (Published in 1974)
  12. All things wise and wonderful 
  13. per amore di Tutte le creature (Published in 1992)
  14. Bonny’s big day paperback (Published in 1991)



  • Father:             James Henry Wight (1889 to 1960)
  • Mother:            Hanna Bell Wight (1890 to 1980) 
  • Wife:                Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury (1919 to 1999)
  • Daughter:        Rosemary page (1947 to 2020)
  • Son:                 Jim Wight (1943 79 years )
  • Net worth:       1.5 million dollars
  • Occupation:    Veterinary doctor
  • Famous as:     A writer



James Herriot spent the days of his life happily. Due to prostate cancer, he died on February 23, 1995. According to his granddaughter, Emma Page, James Herriot had been fighting cancer for three years. You can find more information on Kazinfotime.