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Bryan Renteria Jr: All You Need To Know About His Father, Mother and Family

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Bryan Renteria Jr

Mayra Isabel and Bryan Renteria are a couple living in California, USA. The family faced a tragedy. This couple is very popular on social media platforms. They had a baby on 16 September 2021 Thursday at 5:32 minutes. Because this baby named Bryan Renteria JR was born prematurely, the baby got many diseases. The child was kept under strict protection but the illnesses worsened and the child died on October 16, 2021. The death of this child affected not only his parents but also many others. In this article, we will discuss Bryan Renteria JR and his family.

Bryan Renteria Jr Father

The name of the child’s father is Bryan Renteria who was born in 1989 in Los Angeles. According to Wikipedia, his lineage is unknown. He became famous to fame for his YouTube channel. This is his own channel. Cooking shows and funny challenges are played on this channel.

Bryan Renteria’s YouTube channel has 40000 followers. Bryan Renteria is number 1 in life path statistics. Whatever he does It does under a purpose۔ Bryan Renteria is a hard-working person. He works hard to do his job. There are seven other people living in the house where Bryan lives. He lives in the north of New Avenue Colony England.

Mayra Isabel

Mayra Isabelle is Bryan Renteria’s wife. She was born in 1994 in California. Mayra Isabel is 5.6 feet tall. Her weight is 70kg. Her eye color is dark brown. Mayra’s hair color is also dark brown. Madam Isabel comes from a Hispanic family. Her parents live in Mexico. She has two sisters and three brothers. Her twin sister helps Kareena. Kareena is also a fashion blogger. Mayra helps Kareena in this work. Madam Isabel’s relationship with Bryan Renteria was seven years before her marriage. She used to meet her Bryan Renteria before their marriage. Mayra Isabel got married in 2017.

Mayra Isabel’s Favorite Things

She likes blue paint and a red shirt. Mayra Isabel has done different types of makeup. She is very fond of makeup. The names of the makeup she has done are listed below.

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Cut Crease
  • Glitter Ionies
  • Galaxy
  • Cut Eye
  • Winged Lions

Bryan Renteria’s Net Worth

Bryan Renteria is the richest person. He has also his own YouTube channel. Renteria is worth $5 million. Bryan Renteria has 20000 YouTube subscribers. His wife also joins him on YouTube. His income is attributed to the YouTube channel. Mayra Isabel’s fame is due to her channel on her many followers. She has more than 20000 followers. Mayra Isabel has 2.5 million subscribers on the primary channel and 200k subscribers on the secondary channel. 400k followers are on Instagram.

Mayra Isabel has 50k followers on Twitter. Mayra Isabel works in a famous beauty channel. She has her own channel called Mayra Isabel vlog. She created this channel to share various life events. Mayra Isabel also worked as an artist and freelancer. She reviews and uploads boxing programs on Twitter reels. Mayra Isabel’s channel is full of various programs.

Names are as follows

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Nyx
  • Urban Decay
  • The Balm

Her family members can also be seen on her channel. Mayra Isabel also works in a makeup brand Bryan Renteria’s wife also has a YouTube channel. Her channel has a cross-generational audience of over 35 million views since 2016.
Mayra is increasing Bryan’s net worth by earning money from this channel. Mayra Isabel’s salary is estimated at around $115,000.

Education of Bryan Renteria

He got a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Education of Mayra Isabel

The subject in which she studied is not specified. As a child, she was fond of art. Mayra chose to be an artist in her career. She was bullied in high school because of her looks. After this incident, Mayra’s life took a positive turn. She started her own business.

Final Thoughts

Actually, this paragraph is about an American family.  We have discussed in this article Bryan Renteria, his wife, and his son,(Bryan Renteria JR)  Who belongs to a Hispanic family. They earned a lot of money from their YouTube channel Renteria Jr. They were shocked about the death of Bryan Renteria JR. Visit Kaz Infotime for more biographies and wikis of famous people all over the world.