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Home » Dealing With Heat-Related Illness?- Steps To Be Taken Before it Gets Worse

Dealing With Heat-Related Illness?- Steps To Be Taken Before it Gets Worse

Dealing With Heat-Related Illness

An employee has to undergo several climatic and atmospheric conditions at work. Some of them require an employee to stand for long hours at work while others may need him to sit in an air-conditioning room. It all depends on the skills and work profile of an employee. In production houses and warehouses, the conditions may not be favorable for workers. That’s why, it is noted that Arizona new inspection program to prevent heat-related illnesses has been laid out to reduce the number of such cases. Every employee should know what to do if there has been any heat-related illness at work. 

Dealing with heat-related illness at the workplace

These instances may be common in the company but need to be addressed at the right time to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Some of these steps have been elaborated below:

Immediate medical attention

It is strongly recommended to take the worker to the doctor or arrange one within the workplace premises. If the worker feels symptoms like nausea, dizziness, elevated body temperature, and excessive sweating, he should be taken to the doctor immediately. The condition may worsen if he is not taken outside the room or area where the problem occurred. 

Bring to the notice of your employer

If you or any of the workers have become ill due to heat within the room or any area in the office premises, you should let your employer know about it. There might be some hierarchy to follow within the company. In this case, it is suggested to report the incident to your supervisor or the human resource department. They can escalate the matter and bring it to the notice of your company head.

Gather all documents

If you have taken medical treatment from a doctor outside the company, you should collect all your medical reports showing the cause of the illness, expenses incurred, and other details. It is also important to mention why you have experienced this medical problem.

File for workers’ compensation 

You might have spent money on paying your medical bills and doctor’s fees. If the illness occurred due to the work environment, you can file for workers’ compensation and receive the amount. All you have to do is collect all your medical reports along with the details of the incident.

All companies should ensure that the employees are safe while performing the tasks assigned to them.