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Four Supervillains Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes You Should Not Miss Out

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This Halloween, ditch all the heroic costume styles and choose something new. In my opinion, being different at a costume party is the most important thing that we should keep in mind. This day is all about celebration, and you should not miss out on the chance to feel amazing. This is why I am here to let you know how you can create supervillains’ costume styles for Halloween. Supervillains can be a new term for so many people who are not into American comics. These are the types of characters that have superhuman and criminal powers at the same time. DC Comics is very famous for giving fans multiple supervillains.

Moreover, Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes can be the right choice for all those who want to doll up as supervillains on Halloween day. You can find so many costume options from this collection. It may sound very difficult, but with these costume looks, you can have the best Halloween day of your life. So, let me share with you how you can attain the perfect costume styles for the upcoming Halloween. Following are the four costume choices, and you guys can choose any of these. I can surely say that you have never gone all out for Halloween like these costume styles.

The Interesting Polka Dot Man Costume Style

The first Halloween costume inspiration that you can take from Suicide Squad is the Polka Dot Man look. He has been a part of DC comics for so long, and he was introduced as the enemy of Batman. But later, he has become part of the Suicide Squad movie series. He is a metahuman who has a criminal mindset, but he can also create multicolored polka dots from his body. This is why you should choose his costume style for the creation of Halloween style.


The Suicide Squad Polka-Dot Man Jacket is the main piece you have to grab for the creation of this costume style. In order to have this look, you have to wear white leather pants and a white T-shirt. Put on these clothing components and also add the jacket to make this style more ideal. After this, you have to add the other components of this costume look. You have to add goggles and a hat to this costume look. And don’t forget to add the boots.

The Vibrant Harley Quinn Costume Style

Here comes the most popular girl from the DC world; she is none other than Harley Quinn. She is the female supervillain character, and you should choose her look when you want to go all out for Halloween costume style. Harley Quinn is a character that has been part of DC comics, and she is very popular for her evil acts. She has committed crimes just to support The Joker. So, you can have her costume style when you are in the mood to have a very devilish style.

Harley Quinn Jacket Suicide Squad is the first item you have to pick for this Halloween costume look. Also, you have to grab red leather pants and a white T-shirt. Wear these clothing components and then add the jacket to make you look just like her. Also, you can find some more items with a Harley Quinn costume look. You can wear a blond wig and makeup to elevate this Halloween costume look. Then end the style with the addition of boots. This is the way to create the costume style with the most basic pieces.

The Iconic Joker Costume Style

When it comes to the most dangerous supervillains, Joker is top of the list. He is the deadliest evil guy from DC comics. He first appeared in DC comics in 1940, and still, he is part of the DC world. This character has appeared in so many movies, but his own individual movie has done incredible business. You can choose his costume style from Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes, and this style can make you the most eye-catching guy.

How can you have this costume style? Then it is simple you have to pick up a Jared Leto Joker Purple Crocodile Coat. This coat is a look maker, so you have to get to create the Halloween costume style. Consider the addition of blue trousers and a coat to have a look. Also, you have to add the green hair wig and dark makeup like him. These are the essential pieces that need to be part of your costume. Style yourself like this for Halloween day, and then witness the charm in your looks.

The Creepy Thinker Costume Style

The last style is Thinker inspired. He is another option for all the supervillains costume fans. In the beginning, he appears as an enemy of another character, but later on, he develops a hatred for Batman. Just like all the supervillains, he is superhuman, and he has all the qualities that any criminal-minded person possesses. His superpower includes the ability to comprehend and memorise everything.

Peter Capaldi The Suicide Squad Thinker Black Jacket is the main option you have to get for this Halloween costume look. Also, you have to add a printed black shirt and black pants. Wear these and then boost this costume look with the addition of this jacket. At the same time, you have to include props to make this Halloween style more awesome.

The Final Notes

Are you a fan of DC comics, but you are not ready to create any superhero look? Then I have shared with you the supervillains Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes. These are the costume styles for all those who want to doll up as a negative character or anti-hero. Just follow the given styles and see how many compliments you can get. Be fast and make these options part of your closet.