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Jerry Moyes House: A Luxurious House in Glendale

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Jerry Moyes was one of the best businessmen known in the world. People include him among the best personalities in the world. He has been a great founder of further transportation. Jerry Moyes owns a trucking company in the US and is also the chairman of the CEO. Apart from this, SME Steel Contractors was also founded.

Jerry Moyes has also been the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team. Jerry Moyes was married to Vicky and they had children. Next, we will talk about Jerry House. In this article, we will discuss Jerry Moyes’s house.


About Jerry Moyes House

Jerry Moyes resides in Arizona, one of the best and most beautiful cities in Arizona. This beautiful city is located in the Maricopa County area. People who live in this city can’t get bored; there are a lot of fun and friendly people to hang around here. Meanwhile, free friends are always ready for fun. This area has a lot of family friendliness, which is a good way to raise a family.

These spaces range from 12,000 to 13,000 square feet, with plenty of bathrooms and bedrooms. This house was built with great beauty, and the spur was brilliantly worked. It was engineered with excellent maps. The Jerry Moyes House was further built in 1994.

The ideal lot for this house would be at least 7.66 acres. The house has a beautiful swimming pool and a beautiful pond. It was built beautifully and of the highest quality. The Jerry Moyes House is quite spacious and has the ultimate beauty. This home will have a beautifully landscaped parking lot where you can walk and feel relaxed.

A garden has also been built, and going there attracts the fragrance of flowers and spring of beauty. A lounge was also built into the jerry house to take in the outside air. There was also a tv loan, children could have entertainment, and there was a beautiful swing installed in the loan, it was especially for children. It was no different from a residential palace, the Jerry Moyes House was sparkling because it was clean and it was a charming sight to behold. The house had a different feel for Jerry’s family.

More details about Jerry Moyes House

Bathrooms:                                       11

Rooms:                                               16

Kitchen:                                              1

Loan:                                                   2

Parking:                                              1

Square feet:                                       12780 square feet

Price:                                                  2.90 million dollars

Doors:                                                 28

Jerry Moyes Address:                      65th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85304