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Miss Rachel Net worth: All You Need To Know About

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Miss Rachel


Ms. Rachel was born on November 8, 1980, in Bedford USA. Rachel was also raised in America. Ms. Rachel is known for her charming personality and beauty. A few call her Rachel Griffin Accurso. There is also a secret in calling this name. Her real name is known to her close friends.  Ms. Rachel was also a songwriter. Her father’s name is John Accurso and her mother’s name is Mary Griffin. Rachel grew up in the arms of both of them. John is Miss Rachel’s older brother. Joseph is her youngest brother. Ms.Rachel is the only sister of two brothers. Rachel’s father loves her immensely.
Miss Rachel is 5.6 feet tall. Her eye color is black. Her weight is 60 kg. She belongs to the Christian religion.


Not much is known about Madam Rachel’s early education. But her parents made her study at the top universities in America. She got her higher education from New York University. Ms. Rachel studied various sciences at the university. These are listed below.

Rachel holds a Master’s in Music education.

Learn life-long sciences at university which is never-ending. Ma’am has a passion for further teaching. Rachel raised her spirits to study at Harvard Bank State College and carried out her plans. She tries her best to complete her plan and reach her destination.

Rachel’s father:

Rachel’s father, John Accurso, belonged to a large business community. Her family is very prosperous. Rachel is known for her loving relationship with her family.

YouTube of Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel Net worth is $10 million. According to various reports,  She created a YouTube channel at the request of her son from which she earns a living. Miss Rachel’s monthly income from her YouTube channel is around 50k dollars which is 3.5k per day. There are 6.49M subscribers to her YouTube channel a Total of 105 videos. It engages extraordinary young minds. Madam educates disabled children from her own pocket. Miss Rachel’s YouTube crew is reported to be 10.12.  Her income helps him live in luxury. Ms. Rachel has collected most of the money from social media channels.

Miss Rachel is a key member of the Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) workshop, who plays an important role in facilitating interaction between teachers and students. She works tirelessly to capture the attention of her audience. In the videos, answers are given to more questions related to children and parents. commanding back speed that exceeds expectations.

Marriage of Miss Rachel:

Miss Rachel is married to a popular YouTuber. Her husband is a Broadway music director and composer. Rachel got married according to her will to Arvin Accurso in 2016. They were two children. Arun Accurso holds a master’s degree in music. His YouTube channel is run by the joint efforts of both of them. In this channel, children’s learning is going on. Rachel’s husband is a musician and Arun has two daughters.

Arun Accurso:

Arun Accurso Personality. Arun Accurso was born on February 26, 1979, in America. He is 43 years old. Accurso’s height is 5 feet 10 inches. According to meters, his height is 178 cm. Arun’s weight is 62 kg. His eye color is blue. Physical health is lean. Arun Accurso’s hair color is light blonde. His body color is white

Family And House:

Accurso has two brothers but no sisters.

Mother name:     Tania L. Accurso

Father Name:    Frank J. Accurso

Brothers:          Joseph Accurso and David Accurso

Arun’s home is near the intersection of 15th Avenue and Purduelac Boulevard. There is not much detail about its location.


He has 179 followers on Twitter and 1818 on  Instagram followers. There are no profiles on Facebook.

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