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Pictures Of Ear Mites In Dogs

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Mites are tiny animals that act as parasites in different plants and animals. Ear mite causes irritation to the ears of the animals as a result they scratch their ears with a different object which causes infection in the ears of the dogs. In this article, we will discuss how to cure this disease and how ear mites are produced in the ears of pet animals. After reading this article, you will know what ear mites are, how we can cure them, and the symptoms of ear mites that may cause ear mites. Kaz Info Time is giving good information about ear mites in dogs. You can see here pictures of ear mites in dogs.

What are ear mites?

The ear mites in dogs is a disease also known as Otodectes. Ear mites are most common in dogs and cats. That’s why they shake and scratch their heads every time. If not treated in time, their hearing sense loses day by day. The ear mites are found on the outside of the ears of dogs. Ear mites get from other dogs that are already in this disease. It looks like a black junkie. Ear mites can affect the whole body of pet animals.

Symptoms of ear mites

How may we know our puppies have ear mites? Here I am going to show some symptoms of ear mites. Most of the puppies have the same symptoms. See detail below.

  • Shaking their heads

  • : If your dog is shaking its head regularly, it means it has some problem with its head. If this happens with your dog, you have to check it; otherwise, it may cause more problems for his health.

  • Scratching skin all around the ear

  • A dog or cat only scratches its body when it has issues like ear mites or fleas. Whenever you find this issue In your dog and cat. Please visit some doctors otherwise, it may cause severe damage to your pet.

Treatment of ear mites in dogs

If your dog has ear mites, don’t worry about it. If your animal is infected, it can be treated easily. Some dogs                  recover quickly, and some dogs take too long. Protect your dogs from fleas. Clean the ears of your dogs daily. Pet          owners can use medicines for the treatment of ear mites. Here are some best medicines.


  • Ivermectin:
  • Ivermectin is medicine for ear mites in dogs called Ivomec. Pet lovers can use this medicine for the treatment of their pets.
  • Neem oil:


Neem oil is known as Indian lilac. It comes from the seeds of trees. Many people use this oil to treat their dogs.           Dr. Andrew Jones, the best pet doctor, has suggested this medicine. It can give more benefits to the health of                pets.

  • Oral pill:


When you find that your dog has symptoms of ear mites, you can use Oral pills you can also trust.



This article discussed ear mites in dogs; People love puppies more than their lives. When a dog feels sick, its                 owner becomes very anxious. He should consult a good doctor. We discussed some helpful medicines in this                 article; you can use these medicines to treat pets. The medicine will treat your pets the way it was before. Pet                  owners should care for pets themselves.