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Seamless Background Screening

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Whether you need to do a background check on a candidate or are hiring for your next large firm, Seamless Search is a solution that can make the process simple and stress-free. Each of their partners has a specific screening team that is familiar with the needs of candidates, brand values, and the onboarding procedure. In order for applicants to feel like they are a part of the process, the screening procedure should be as frictionless as feasible. Each partner has a screening staff that can manage the applicants’ cases to ensure they have the greatest experience possible and is aware of your criteria and brand values.

Background checks without paper:

If you want to do background checks quickly and easily, paperless background checks may be the solution. Many of the company’s locations may be found all throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Paper forms are not required for paperless background checks, which employ online forms with the chain of custody. Background check service providers may save time and money by doing away with the need for paper forms by electronically verifying application information, digitally signing disclosure and permission paperwork, and more.

For both the candidate and the employer, paperless background checks may speed up and simplify the background check process. Automation expedites background checks by doing away with manual data entering and choosing search criteria. To increase productivity and efficiency, paperless background checks may also be synchronized with current employment systems. Paperless background checks might be your option, whether you need one for a new recruit or want to make sure your present staff are secure.

Seamless searches:

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A top-tier background check service with over 215 integrations. It gives every candidate a thorough background history and cuts down on background check time. Via the company’s mobile application platform, background checks are simple and safe. It has data capture for driver’s licenses, e-signatures, and a background check procedure that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Background check software that is automated saves money on paper and provides digital timestamps for each activity. Moreover, they make sure the data is accurately saved, lowering the possibility of human mistakes. Moreover, by removing the need for manual data entry into several systems, ATS interfaces expedite the hiring process.

The greatest paperless background checks use patented screening techniques as their foundation. This implies that a business’s in-house background screening program will be tailored to the particular requirements of its customers. The system is adaptable and expandable, and the background screening process is designed to be quick and easy.

Platforms focused on mobile:

If you manage a background check company, you are aware of the significance of mobile technology adaptation. Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone and uses it frequently throughout the day. Mobile devices account for two-thirds of all online traffic. Businesses that do background checks must thus modify their systems to function on mobile devices.

You may provide your consumers a smooth experience by using a mobile-first design. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep the same level of quality and feature consistency across all platforms and devices. Any platform that prioritizes mobile users must have this feature.

You must test your platform like you would any website if you want it to be successful. You might find design faults throughout this procedure and make sure the website works well on all devices. Also, you’ll be aware of when to add or delete material to guarantee a good customer experience.

The mobile end is the starting point for mobile-first design, and features are added and expanded from there. Responsive web design, progressive improvements, and graceful degradation are the two sub-concepts that make up the mobile-first design. Given that mobile devices have smaller displays, both are excellent choices for a mobile-first approach. Your web pages are therefore simpler to utilize on smaller displays.

The incorporation of ATS:

To speed up background checks, an application tracking system (ATS) must be included. They provide businesses a comprehensive picture of the applicant and do away with the necessity to go back and forth between the ATS and background check firms. Employers now have easy access to all candidate data, including the findings of background checks, notes from interviews, and contact information. Background screening businesses are guaranteed to keep the most recent forms and compliance regulations with an integrated solution.

HR organizations may accelerate recruiting by using integrated background check software, which also makes the background check process more accessible. Candidates can feel more secure and confident in the organization they are applying to by providing a flawless, one-stop-shop recruiting experience. Employers may save time and money with ATS connections, and they can also get rid of human mistakes.

Integrations with ATSs are growing in popularity. These solutions enhance the hiring process and enable more open communication. Also, they enable you to handle the procedure from inside your ATS, which contributes to the seamlessness of your background screening procedure. The HR team’s interactions with potential workers can be made easier via ATS integrations.

Integrations with an ATS speed up and improve the hiring process. Your business may speed up the recruiting process with effective background checks. You may do this to manage every hiring phase in a single handy place. Integrations with ATS can also reduce mistakes and save you time. So why keep waiting? Find out how easy background checking may be for your company by getting in touch with us right away!

By integrating an ATS with background check software, it is possible to do away with the requirement for two different systems and decrease annoyance and mistakes. Even from the ATS dashboard, you may perform a background check on your ATS.

Paper-based approaches:

Employers should stay away from background check methods that use paper. Even if an individual is employed with a spotless criminal record, the best approach to assess their reliability is still through a background check. Yet, with the appropriate technology, employers may learn much more about a candidate. Some service providers have access to AI to spot potential issues. Also, you should consider data redundancy, preservation, and security. As you are working with sensitive information, these are all crucial issues to consider during the background check process.

Paper-based application release forms and manual data entry are no longer necessary thanks to paperless online background screening systems. These forms can lead to errors since they frequently contain delicate information like Social Security numbers. Moreover, paperless online background checking options provide the highest level of redundancy and security. They also speed up and improve the effectiveness of the employment process.

Background checks must be automated since they are crucial to the recruiting process. By doing away with the requirement for double entry, it saves time and makes it simple to choose the best candidate and keep track of the outcomes in real-time. To guarantee a thorough personnel record, a solid background screening tool can link with your candidate tracking system.

Another crucial element is background screening apps for mobile devices. Candidates may give pertinent background information, schedule a drug test, and locate a testing location close to them via mobile background screening. This guarantees a simple recruiting procedure for the company and the candidate. Moreover, these solutions improve the prospect experience and help your business create a favorable first impression.

Companies that specialize in background checks and offer paper-based services can also offer paperless drug testing services. With this technology, instructions may be automatically sent to a testing facility through email and applicants who need drug testing can be identified. By doing so, you may shorten the process’s duration while ensuring accuracy. Candidates can also pick the exam facility that works best for them.