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Speed Your Way To Level 40 In Diablo 4 While You Can!

Speed Your Way To Level 40 In Diablo 4 While You Can!

Diablo 4 boosting for sale is available to all players who want to make the most of the first Diablo 4 season! There are a variety of ways to level up in Diablo 4 Season 1. You can follow the campaign, do side quests, and take part in events to bring your character to the maximum level. Considering that players are already familiar with the story, they can power level through the campaign acts. The fun begins at max level anyway, so everyone wants to get there as soon as possible. Recently, a new power level method was discovered.

The Diablo 4 Domhainne Tunnels Is the Best Season 1 Dungeon for Powerleveling to 40

Diablo 4 has a dungeon called Domhainne Tunnels. A portion of this dungeon has such a mob density that you can level to 40 in about two hours. We knew that the previous patch doubled the mob density in Nightmare dungeons. However, it didn’t say anything about normal dungeons. It would appear that the update affected these dungeons too. This is a possible explanation for the fact that Domhainne Tunnels dungeon is now the best place to farm XP under level 40. It was tested by speed runners. Using this method, players beat the record leveling time to get to World Tier 4 by almost 40 minutes. That’s a significant improvement. You can check out several videos where you can clearly see players defeating a level 50 capstone dungeon boss with a level 30 character.

Diablo 4 Domhainne Tunnels Powerleveling Strategy

It is quite easy. There are no special preparations that you need to make or specific consumables to use. Of course, the better equipped you are, the faster it will go. We start by entering the dungeon. Once again, we remind you that this power leveling strategy is for normal mode, not a nightmare. The dungeon in question is located in Scosglen. It is currently inhabited by Goatmen. This dungeon has an event that requires you to free some prisoners. The leveling method is based on not doing this task. So, after you enter the dungeon, move along in a circular pattern killing all the monsters you encounter but do not set the prisoners free. After you are done, leave the dungeon. You can easily do this using the Leave Dungeon button from the action wheel. You can bring that up by pressing E. If, at this point, you find out that your bags are full, you can teleport to a town instead of exiting the dungeon. Sell, repair, reset the dungeon, and take the portal back. If you don’t need to visit the town, you can jump straight to this step. When you are out of the dungeon, press J to open the Journal. Find and use the Reset Dungeon button. Enter the dungeon once again and repeat the above strategy. You should reach level 40 in about two hours. It will take more or less depending on what class you are playing.

Is the Domhainne Tunnels Powerleveling Strategy a Diablo 4 Cheat?

No, you are not doing something that is against the Diablo 4 rules. You are not involved in third-party programs or anything like that. You are merely using a method discovered by the community. Players are always resourceful at finding little workarounds like this one. Click here for more Diablo 4 tips and tricks!

Will Blizzard Nerf the Mob Density in the Domhainne Tunnels?

The last Diablo 4 patch doesn’t mention anything about this. However, we suggest taking advantage of this power leveling method, before Blizzard decides to do something about it. Spending most of the leveling time in one place is not exactly how they’ve envisioned the game.