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Home » Stand Out in Men’s Everyday Looks With a Tennis Chain

Stand Out in Men’s Everyday Looks With a Tennis Chain

Stand Out in Men's Everyday Looks With a Tennis Chain

Standout style is about embracing authenticity and being uninhibited in pursuing what inspires you. And one way to do that is by adding a tennis chain to your jewelry collection.

A tennis chain is a row of symmetrical diamonds that encircles your neck. 

Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans

A tennis chain can add a classic elegance to your look. Men often opt for the tennis chain as an accessory with casual outfits like jeans and a T-shirt. 

While a diamond tennis chain is often associated with formal events, it is becoming more common to wear this jewelry with casual attire. A cubic zirconia tennis chain is a more affordable option that can still look sophisticated and stylish.

Pair it with a button-down shirt

Many men wear casual button-up shirts to work, on dates, or a casual weekend outing. A collar chain is a sexy way to show a bit of metal under your shirt’s neckline.

Choose a chain length that fits snugly beneath your collar. A classic tennis chains men will fit perfectly, but you can experiment with other necklace chains to create a more personalized look.

Try the intricate detailing of a prong-set necklace or the sleekness of a Cuban link chain. A gold-plated tennis chain will look beautiful under a collar, but you can mix and match gold and silver chains to create a stylish and modern style. You can enhance your outfit with a diamond-studded tennis chain and a shorter Cuban chain.

Wear it with a button-down shirt and a blazer

Tennis chains are typically worn as a formal necklace but have also been trending for casual wear. These dainty necklaces look stylish when paired with a fitting shirt.

Try wearing your favorite iced-out diamond or cubic zirconia tennis chain with a tailored button-down shirt and a fitted blazer for a dressy-casual look. It is an excellent outfit for a work event, brunch with friends, or a date night.

When wearing a tennis chain with a button-down shirt, you can unbutton a few buttons so that the chain sits comfortably around your neck. Layering your rings and bangles with the chain is another way to add style and personality to your outfit. A thinner chain is better for layering, while a thicker tennis chain works best as a statement piece.

Wear it with a button-down shirt and a polo

From the halls of Harvard to the fraternity keggers at your local state university, the polo shirt has become an icon of contemporary collegiate style. Few other pieces of men’s clothing bridge the gap between smart and casual. It could be the soft collar, short sleeves, or subtly textured pique cotton. Regardless, the polo is a staple for middle managers and suburban dads.

To make the most of your polo, wear it with a tennis chain. The streamlined, pendant-chain look of the tennis chain makes it perfect for wearing under a button-down shirt. For best results, avoid a necklace that extends too far down your neck or chest, and choose a diamond or cubic zirconia option rather than a more expensive gemstone like moissanite. A length of 17 inches is ideal.

Wear it with a button-down shirt and a T-shirt

A tennis chain is a necklace featuring a continuous line of gems or diamonds at the collarbone.

Button-up shirts with a classic collar look great with long chains that fall past the first button. Men’s chains are typically around 14 to 22 inches – the same length as a choker – but you can experiment with shorter styles.

A tennis chain is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your style, especially if you’re looking to elevate casual streetwear or dressier ensembles. Experiment with different styles and metals to find the one that suits your taste.