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What to Look for in a Marlborough Sounds Tour Company

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What to Look for in a Marlborough Sounds Tour Company

A Marlborough Sound cruise is a must in New Zealand, but choosing one might be tricky. It might be challenging to find the ideal Marlborough Sound tour with so many businesses offering boat trips and other adventures available.

To have the greatest experience, know these things before booking. Consider these factors when booking your Marlborough Sound trip.

Most people visit Marlborough Sound once in a lifetime, so you’ll want to be sure you’re in excellent hands.

Some significant factors to consider while choosing a tour operator are:

How long have they existed?

Tour operators vary in experience. Several enterprises have operated in Marlborough Sound for decades and know the region well. Understanding Marlborough’s history, growth, and remarkable qualities requires knowing Marlborough’s past and present.

Are they knowledgeable?

Tour commentary is crucial for understanding Marlborough, ensuring a memorable trip on various transportation methods, including cruises, kayaks, buses, or planes.

Are their vacations planned?

Experienced tour operators arrange the best tours. A knowledgeable tour operator can help you visit the best areas, locate the rarest creatures, and maximise your time. We recommend selecting a company that provides well-planned vacations and tours.

Find the finest Marlborough Sound cruise packages

Marlborough Sound has something for everyone, and the enjoyment of your trip depends on your choice. You should definitely take a Marlborough boat ride, but adding anything else is much better. A package tour such as the Marlborough Sounds cruise with E-ko Tours is the best way to see Marlborough.

Kayak/Marlborough Sound Cruise

This is for adventurers. Marlborough cruises and kayaking let you see nature up close.


Not all Marlborough Sound cruises are family-friendly. Marlborough boat trips vary in duration, so choose a shorter cruise if you have little children.

In intimate proximity to the natural world.

Marlborough Sound is home to several unusual fauna. These include indigenous birds, whales, dolphins, seals, and the world’s smallest and rarest penguins. You’ll see them on a trip, but not always. Because it might be challenging to observe wildlife in Marlborough, you need professional assistance. Your guide not only has extensive knowledge of Marlborough’s flora and wildlife, but they also know just where to look for these cunning and sometimes bashful species.

Moreover, smaller boats are ideal for approaching the waterfalls and cliffs up close.

Comfortable and relaxing

Is sipping a drink and taking the scenery from a cosy seat the perfect way to spend a Marlborough afternoon? We don’t blame you, though—that sounds fantastic. Make it happen by selecting a cruise that will enable you to do that.

While you enjoy the comments from your guide, picture some of the most breathtaking sights passing outside your window. Enjoying a cup of coffee, juice, or maybe wine, you are lounging inside a spacious, sturdy catamaran. If you’d like, take a walk to the upper deck or savour a delectable lunch buffet. This can all be accomplished on a nature cruise, which is ideal if all you want to do is relax.

The Marlborough Sound is enormous, and we assure you that there are some locations you should visit for yourself. Make sure the tour you choose takes you to some of the most breathtaking locations in Marlborough Sound.