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Why Cardboard Is A Preferred Material Choice For Rigid Box Packaging

Because of their distinct traits, rigid boxes have grown in rage in the market. These boxes come in a variety of forms. Common types include fluted, die-cut window boxes, boxes with lids, and two-piece boxes. Cardboard is an essential material for their production.

The eco-friendly nature of cardboard reduces the danger to the environment. Also, the thickness and rigidity of cardboard make these boxes the best choice. The use of the foiling, add-ons, and a distinct colour palette improves the beauty of the boxes. Again, the usage of patterns, images, and logos will give your goods a proficient look. Likewise, marketers may add value to these boxes with finishes while protecting the print.

Packaging serves for the shipping of a variety of items. The safe delivery, luxury and elegant display of products is the main demand of the 21st century. People do not only order the products. They prefer to go with proficient brands. Hence, rigid boxes have come as a saviour in this situation, as paper bags are unable to offer these features. Cardboard material is the top choice of both the packaging firms and brands using these boxes. There are several reasons behind the factor why not other materials. Let’s explore it why cardboard is a top choice for elegant custom packaging.

Cardboard Rigid Boxes Offer Somewhat Extra Strength 

The toughness and thickness of the rigid boxes’ custom packaging safeguard the products throughout shipping and transit. The cardboard is 2-3 mm thick, which protects the stored fragile and soft goods. This thickness prevents external compression and pressure. Because paper boxes are out, cardboard materials are the only survivors in this mission. Aside from its unitary strength, extra fluted sheets or add-ons are employed to improve their durability to 100%.

It depends upon the need of your item and the thickness you should prefer for a custom rigid box. A brand can even increase the thickness of the cardboard sheets according to the delicate nature of the products. For instance, if you deal in heavy and high-end items like LED TVs or computers, using a cardboard box is the only effective resource. These triple-walled boxes provide enough durability, insulation and protection to the held item so that they arrive perfectly fine at their destinations.

CustomisationWith Extra Durability,

Aside from all of these distinct traits of custom rigid boxes, another benefit is their ease of customisation. Cardboard material is easy to customise into many shapes to meet the needs of their individual consumers. Clients value it when they receive their purchased items in pristine condition and safety. One of the most useful advantages of using cardboard packaging is the ability to customise it to extreme levels.

The size of these boxes can be altered to meet the needs of the commodity, resulting in a weight differential. To provide extra durability and a unique aesthetic to your products, utilise void fillers, additional slots, frills, dividers, or other cushioning material. Rigid box packaging is no longer just plain brown boxes from the past. They can be given any colour, print, or design in order to improve the product’s global trade.

Highly Cost-Effective Solution

Every business requires some kind of packaging to protect, store, transport and display products. Rigid box manufacturers UK are offering this versatile option at low cost due to the easy availability of cardboard. Customers demand lasting, versatile, and cheap products that can meet their various needs. When compared to other packaging materials, cardboard is the most important item in the packaging sector as it helps keep product costs low as well.

There are numerous aspects that contribute to their overall cost reduction. By focusing solely on the qualities of its raw material, i.e. cardboard, it happens to be the cheapest material due to its widespread availability in the market. It becomes much cheaper when purchased in bulk to manufacture rigid packaging boxes. Any box made of this material is likewise light in weight, making it easy to carry, load, unload, store, handle and so on, eliminating any further shipping and storage costs.

Cardboard Rigid Boxes Offer Superlative Branding 

Whether a brand is new or well-known, the shipping of their numerous products is always vital in their everyday job activities. They do, however, serve as a chain of publicity during their lift. The most difficult element is labelling rigid box packaging or other packaging options. The reason behind this factor is the ease of printing cardboard due to its higher capacity for absorbing printing ink. Cardboard material supports a variety of modern printing processes such as digital, offset, silkscreen, and so on.

These printed luxury rigid boxes are most effective in providing quick distinction to their respective brands. Their plain surfaces function similarly to a blank painting canvas on which it is easy to display the name and logo of their own brand. They can experiment with new design patterns, graphics, fonts, and so on without hesitation, and professional results are always obtained on cardboard packaging boxes.

Sustainable Nature Of Cardboard Material

The material used to make rigid packaging boxes is cardboard. This cardboard is made from organic wood fibre and unbleached pulp. It does not require to go through any of the chemical procedures. As a result, there is no threat of chemical contamination to the items. Also, cardboard rigid boxes are biodegradable. If you forget to put the boxes in the trash can, they will recycle on their own. Cardboard also offers a higher resistance. As a result, electronic devices can be delivered without risk.

Cardboard becomes even more organic by using alternative raw materials to pine wood pulp. It is also possible to process it using cornstarch, seaweed and even farming waste. Such eco-friendly rigid boxes wholesale for the delivery of fragile and sensitive things such as fragrances and jewellery are also preferable solutions. Buyers will become more engaged as a result, and your sales will increase due to this factor.


If you are looking for a more practical and useful option, these rigid boxes made of cardboard material may be the best option for you. Many online packaging vendors offer these for sale. They are already providing these to a variety of brands. If a person wishes to change the box shape and design, the in-house designers can help to update their patterns or prints to meet their individual needs.