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Chris Pontius is the most popular television personality in America. He was an American comedy performer and a great actor. Chris Pontius was best known as the host of the television Cast member Boys. He’s also been a skateboarder before. He has also worked on the magazine bag brother. Chris Pontius is the man also known as Christopher Andrew Pontius. Chris Pontius was born in 1974 in Pasadena, California.
Chris Pontius was a good family man. Chris Pontius had an emergency marriage with Mai Quijada. Chris Pontius is proud of his son and he is his only son. Chris Pontius‘ first wife was Claire Nolan, whom he divorced. Chris will tell you more about the house of Pontius.


Chris Pontius is based in Los Angeles, CA. These cities are the largest cities in California. California is one of the largest cities in the United States and is the second most populous city in the world.
The waves of the sea are heart-warming and the beautiful view is like a paradise being surrounded by various business opportunities gives a heart-warming feeling. Entertainment is also enjoyed in this city. Different standards of living are in the place. Living in this city is very expensive.

The area of the house is 1500 square feet, with 3 beds, and more than 3 washrooms. This is a beautiful house that was built in 1959. Three beautiful parks will be built in this house. The house is built in an excellent manner. Modern things are found in the house.
The rooms would be decorated in a beautiful style and a fireplace would also be installed in them. Along with beautiful, wood would also be installed on the floor. This house also has a balcony.
The glass was also installed in the house in a beautiful way. The bedrooms were beautifully designed and decorated in a new style and elegance. These houses are perfect for entertaining. A beautiful wardrobe will also be made in the room. The kitchen is also built and has modern appliances. Chris Pontius House was built in a modern and elegant style.

Chris Pontius house

Bedrooms:                   3

Bathrooms:                 3

Square Feet:               1,353 sq. ft

Price:                          $3.55 million

Address:                      Nichols Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90046